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            YELLOW BRONZE is an alkali copper - tin - zinc cyanide plating system, designed to deposit an alloy of 78% Cu, 16% Sn and 6% Zinc. The deposit produced is hard, with a yellow - gold 2 N Color over a wide range of operating conditions. Because of its exceptional properties yellow bronze solution may be used as both final finish or pre gold undercoat. Used as under coat, it provides:

  An improvement in brightness and reflectivity of work piece with better corrosion properties .

  A reduction in thickness of gold , while preserving the yellowness of gold even after wear .

  A replacement for Nickel , which often causes allergies and not permitted in certain applications .

Yellow Bronze and white

bronze plated emblems

Yellow Bronze plating

over nickel plated ring


Yellow bronze plated rings  with

gold flash coating

Yellow bronze may  also be used as a final finish, where it is a suitable imitation gold for bathroom fittings, furniture hardware etc where cost of precious metal plating is prohibitive. By varying the alloy composition white bronze can be plated. It is very good replacement for nickel plating.

 The yellow bronze process is a very stable and easy to control .


Alloy Composition                   -     copper - 78%, zinc - 6%, tin - 16%

Appearance                            -     bright, even gold color close to 2N

Hardness                                -              250  - 350 HV

Ductility                                  -                    excellent

Density                                   -         8.5 (1 um/dm2 of alloy weight approx. 85 mg)


The yellow bronze solution is supplied as ready to use solution. Fill the perfectly cleaned PP tank with yellow bronze to working level. Heat to 45 0C . The bath is now ready to work.


Parameters                                                Optimum                                 Range        

Bath density (on make up )                             1.133                                1.112 - 1.13

PH                                                                12.7                                    12.4 - 13.0

Temperature 0C                                              45                                        39 - 47

Cathode current density (A/dm2)                    1.5                                       0.5 - 3.0

Cathode Efficiency                                         15 - 18 mg/A/min

Agitation                                                  Cathode movement

Anodes                                                   Pure Graphite or stainless steel.

Deposition Speed                                     0.4 Um/min   at 1.5 A/dm2  

                                                               Equivalent to 1um in 2.5 minute


Tanks should be made from PP or high density polyethylene .Rectifier should be fitted with continuous current regulation and ammeter suitable for the surface area to be plated and either an ampere hour or ampere minute meter. The ripple should be less than 5% Immersion heaters should be sheathed with porcelain; quartz of PTFE Thermostatic control should be within +/- 10C .Filtration should be magnetically coupled pump and PP filters with 5-micron filter cartridge must be used. The pump rate should be 3 - 5 tank turn overs / hour .Agitation may be back and forth cathode bar movement at 5 - 8 m / min or by alternating, controlled speed circular motion .Anodes should be nuclear grade pure graphite The anode surface area should be at least double of cathode area. Don't use anode bags . Due to presence of Cyanide in bath, efficient fume extraction must be fitted.

       We supply chemicals and equipments required for yellow bronze plating. Now yellow bronze plating is used for jewellery, hardware and decorative items. We give complete technical service to start your bronze plating. We have all laboratory specialties to control all parameters required for good yellow bronze plating.

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